EasyAngle Awarded as Prize at Annual Golf Championship for Physiotherapists (August)

In the annual National Golf Championships for Physiotherapists held at the Askersunds Golfclub on 24-26 August 2017, our Swedish distributor Medema presented the EasyAngle device as a prize to one of the winners of the tournament. Thank you Medema and congratulations to all winners!

Clinical study for EasyAngle presented at the World Confederation of Physcial Therapy Congress in South Africa (July)

The study is an investigation in the validity and reliability for measurement of the knee using the EasyAngle and showed excellent results. It was led by Veronika Lind at the Stockholm School of Sports and Health Sciences (GIH) and the poster presentation attracted much attention and discussion. EasyAngle was presented to curious physiotherapists, researchers and potential distributors from all over the world.

Meloq finalist in the Serendipidy Challenge (June)

Meloq is one of the finalists in the Serendipidy Challenge. The competition will be settled in Almedalen during Almedalsveckan, hope to see you there.

Meloq closes angel round (April 2017)

Meloq has received an investment from six business angels and a VC fund. This will enable us to focus on the business and make the EasyAngle available to physiotherapists in even more countires. Read what DI wrote about our angel round here.

Study using EasyAngle accepted to WCPT (March 2017)

One of the studies using EasyAngle has been accepted to the World Confederation for Physical Therapy congress later this year. In comparison with a traditional goniometer the study shows excellent results for EasyAngle. For more information please follow this link for an abstract (English) and the full study (Swedish).

EasyAngle tutorials released (March 2017)

To help our customers get started as fast as possible and get maximum benefit from their EasyAngles we have created a number of short video tutorials. These show how to use the EasyAngle for the most frequently measured joints. Check our the videos here and register to receive updates and new tutorials.

Meloq receives Seal of Excellence from the European Commission (Feburary 2017)

Meloq has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020. Our project proposal to the SME Instrument Phase 1 was evaluated by an international panel of independent experts who recognized this as a high quality project. The seal of excellence also allowed us to receive a grant of 50 000 Euros.

Meloq becomes member of Swedish Medtech (January 2017)

Meloq has become a proud member of Swedish Medtech which is the Association for Medical Technology in Sweden. With approximately 170 member companies specializing in x-ray equipment, orthodontic implants, stents, pacemakers, equipment for physically disabled Swedish Medtech aim to create the conditions for members to interact with healthcare institutions and strengthen the medical device industry.

EasyAngle featured in physiotherapy magazine “Ortopedisk manuell terapi” (December 2016)

The EasyAngle was featured in the trade magazine for physiotherapists called Manualen. The article is from the St Göran physiotherapy conference and briefly covers the study Karin Fröjd performed showing good reliability when measuring hip mobility with the EasyAngle.

Meloq wins prize for “Best internationalization plan” in Go Global Medtech program

Meloq won 30 000 SEK for Best internationalization plan in this year’s Go Global Medtech program organized by STING. A jury of experienced individuals from the medtech industry named Meloq the company with the most promising strategy to expand globally. The prize also includes a one year membership in Swedish Medtech. We are very grateful for the prize and for having had the opportunity to participate in STINGs GoGlobal programme. Read more here.

Meloq receives funding for a two year clinical study with Karolinska University Hospital (November 2016)

Meloq has received funding from VINNOVA / the Medtech4Health programme to perform a comprehensive clinical study. The study will investigate reliability, validity and usability of the EasyAngle  with focus on measurement of cervical mobility, one of the most challenging joint angles to measure today. The study will be performed by physiotherapists at Karolinska University Hospital and be led by Helene Alexanderson, PhD and Brita Eriksson de Franco-Cereceda, Functional Area Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, Karolinska University Hospital.

EasyAngles sold out in less than two weeks (November)

In less than two weeks after the launch Meloq have already reached the sales targets for 2016. We will now focus on accelerating production 🙂 Meloq is also looking for a talented senior business developer, read more here.

Meloq wins procurement at Stockholm County Council (October 2016)

EasyAngle wins a position in the procurement process at the Stockholm County Council! We look forward to providing EasyAngles to the hospitals and clinics in Stockholm.

Meloq exhibits at Capio St Görans conference (October 2016)

Meloq has exhibited the EasyAngle together with Medema at Capio St Görans conference for physiotherapists. The conference was fully booked and we are happy that so many visited our booth.

Meloq starts shipping EasyAngle devices! (October 2016)

Meloq starts shipping! After years of development the EasyAngle is ready for shipping! The first batch is sent today to meet pre-orders from hospitals and clinics in Sweden, UK and Germany.

First exhibition (October 2016)

Meloqs first exhibition of the EasyAngle is at the 25 year anniversay fair at Hela Kroppens fysioterapi. The fair was a great success for Hela Kroppen with lots of visitors. Many visisted the EasyAngle booth showing great interest in EasyAngle.

Manufacturing of EasyAngle starts in Sweden (October 2016)

The first batch of units will be manufactured by SMD production in Stockholm and will be sent to clinics that have pre-ordered the device in Sweden, UK and Germany.

Nordic distributor signed! (September 2016)

Today Meloq signed an agreement with one of the leading distributors of physiotherapy products in the Nordics, Medema. Medema belongs to a business concern including Lojer in Finland and Fysiopartner in Norway and together they will be the exclusive distributors of the EasyAngle in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We are super excited about working with them to put EasyAngles in the hands of the users.

Pre-orders started! (September 2016)

Pre-orders started! Karolinska University hospital orders 10 EasyAngle showing strong support of innovation in medical devices. We have also received pre-orders from other leading clinics in Sweden, UK and Germany.

EasyAngle CE marked (September 2016)

Meloq has finished the process of affixing the CE mark on our product EasyAngle and it is now ready for the European market! An important milestone in the product development process has been reached and we can now finally start to market the device!

Meloq has received an EU grant through EIT Health! (June 2016)

The “EIT Health commersialization” grant will enable us the start manufacuring of our first batch of EasyAngles and strengthen the team on the business side. Thanks EIT Health – the Knowledge and Innovation Community on health in Europe. Have a nice summer

Meloq becomes a STING company! (May 2016)

Meloq has signed a partnership agreement with STING, one of the leading business incubators in Sweden. We look forward to a rewarding collaboration and support from the STING network to accelerate the business.

Clinical study evaluating the validity and intrarater-reliability of the EasyAngle (April 2016)

A clinical study evaluating the validity and intrarater-reliability of the EasyAngle has been completed showing a number of excellent results. The study was performed on patients with hip osteoarthritis and was performed by Karin Fröjd at Uppsala University, supervised by Med. Dr. Annika Bring. The report can be found here: Validitet samt interbedömarreliabilitet gällande det digitala mätinstrumentet EasyAngle vid rörlighetsmätning hos personer med höftartros

Study for assessment of a rehabilitation program for female horse riders (January 2016)

EasyAngle has been used in a study for assessment of a rehabilitation program for female horse riders. The EasyAngle was evaluated during this study with great results. The study was performed by Emma Lundqvist and Emelie Brinkeback at the Karolinska University hospital under the supervision of Ph.D Marita Harringe. The report can be found here. Read study here: The effect of dynamic stretching on muscle extensibility in female horse riders

First clinical study completed (June 2015)

Our first clinical study has been completed showing excellent reliability for measuring active and passive flexion of the knee with the EasyAngle. The study has been performed by Veronika Lind at the Swedish school of sport and health sciences, supervised by Marita Harringe Ph.D. Read study: Measuring the knee joint range of motion with a digital goniometer : A reliability and validity study

Winner SHINE competition at GIH! (2015)

In 2015 we won the SHINE competition at GIH. This granted us access to a wide network of professionals involved in rehabilitation of elite athletes as well as a needed cash prize of 50,000 SEK. This is a huge step for us towards being able to provide more efficient rehabilitation for athletes to help them get back to competing as soon as possible. Read more at GIH.

Another grant from VINNOVA! (2015)

In 2015 we received another grant from VINNOVA as a part of the initiative “Innovationsprojekt i företag”. This grant allows us to continue our efforts in developing EasyAngle and taking it to the market. Thanks VINNOVA! Read more here.

Granted funding from the VINN NU program (2013)

In 2013 we were granted funding from the VINN NU program from VINNOVA. The VINN NU program targets new companies with a developed idea and the potential to grow. The funding has been used in our R&D efforts. We would like to take the opportunity to thank VINNOVA for the generous contribution.