Meloq and the EasyAngle Project

We are Meloq. Our product makes the daily tasks of physiotherapists easier. The EasyAngle device seamlessly replaces the traditional goniometer, enabling far more effective measurements. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The EasyAngle project aims to make the daily tasks of physiotherapists significantly easier. Goniometers are both inaccurate and tedious to work with. Measurements are strongly subjective and need to be manually fed into some computerized journal system – a time-consuming and error-prone task. The EasyAngle device replaces the goniometer as a digital device that provides both accuracy and repeatability. Measurements are reported directly in a digital format, greatly simplifying patient administration. Our product allows the physiotherapist to focus on the patient rather than the tools. Read more at


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The Team

The Meloq team consists of five experienced engineers. The combined knowledge in the Meloq team ranges from mechanical and electronic design to software engineering and business development. We’re looking to strengthen our marketing and business sides, join us!

Environmental policy

At Meloq we care for the future. We aim to minimize our effects on the environment by recycling, reducing travel and developing products with the entire life-cycle in mind.


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